Pope Benedict XVI receives roughly $200 million annually for his personal use, money which is not counted as income to the government of the worldwide Catholic Church (the Holy See) nor the government of the Vatican City State, an independent country in which St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican offices, residences, library and museums are located. It is his alone.
The pope’s income comes from three sources.

American Catholics are asked to contribute to the pope’s “works of charity”  by a special collection taken during Mass once a year. This money is sent directly to Benedict as part of the worldwide donation called Peter’s Pence. The practice began in 1871 when the then-pontiff lost his last sovereign territory (before the creation of the Vatican City State in 1929), the Papal States, along with the income from this wide swath of land across the center of the Italian peninsula.

In 2006, the Peter’s Pence total was $101.9 million, 2007 $79.8 million, 2008 $75.8 million and 2009 $82.5 million. The last year (2006) in which the sum was broken down by country and made public, people in the U.S. were the largest donors providing 28 percent of the total.  (The Vatican has not yet released financial information for 2010.)
All the profits from the IOR, the Institute of the Works of Religion or Vatican Bank, are also given to the pope as his private income. According to Vatican expert, Sandro Magister, these profits amount to 70 to 80 million euro annually ($103.8 – $118.6 million) for the pope’s “works of charity.”

Additional gifts are rarely disclosed but here a few I could find:
Money was raised at the first National Catholic Prayer Breakfast held in Washington D.C. in 2004. An expected $100,000 was donated to Pope John Paul II and the Religious Sisters of Life.

An organization of wealthy American Catholics called The Papal Foundation (see below), presents an unspecified annual gift from their group of million-dollar donors to the pope “to support and help him with his requested programs and missions throughout the world.”

When Pope Benedict XVI visited the U.S. in April 2010, the American bishops gave him a check for $870,000 “to support his charitable works” without explanation of where the money came from.

“The expression in Rome is opera de carita: ‘We’re making an offering for your works of charity.’ In fact, you don’t know where the money is going,” stated a priest who “steered” cash payoffs from the Legionaries of Christ to Monsignor Stanislaw Dziwisz, Pope John Paul II’s secretary and the man closest to the pontiff. In his interview with author, Jason Berry, the priest continued, “It’s an elegant way of giving a bribe.”
Not all “offerings for your works of charity” given to Catholic Church officials are bribes, but it is true that you won’t know for sure where the money is going since all Church financial disclosure is voluntary and unverifiable.

There isn’t much information about what Benedict does with his fortune. For an organization with an official and semi-official global media empire second to none and which never hesitates to toot its own horn, reports from Catholic news sources of papal charity are few and far between.

Sometime in 2010, the pope gave $50,000 of his own money to Caritas Haiti, a member organization of Caritas Internationalis (see below) and $250,000 for rebuilding the school of Saint François de Sales in Port-au-Prince.

The Almoner’s Office, “tucked into a courtyard on the north end of Vatican City,” distributes more than $2 million each year as charity to pay such things as medical or utility bills and rent to applicants screened and approved by their local pastor. The archbishop in charge advised an American reporter that “Pope Benedict told him to ‘never let our charity be lacking’ and to come to him personally if he needed additional funds.” 

It was reported that this past Christmas, Benedict hosted a Christmas dinner in Rome for 250 homeless persons. We’ll assume that “hosted” meant he picked up the tab in addition to showing up.

None of the official Vatican charities, all managed by the dicastery (department) known as The Pontifical Council COR UNUM for Human and Christian Development, state they receive money from the pope, although the dicastery’s function is “To assist the pope and be his instrument for carrying out special initiatives in the field of humanitarian actions.”

The Vatican website lists four separate funds under the auspices of COR UNUM which donated $9.35 million in 2009  for such things as disaster relief, schools in Africa and building Catholic facilities. All are financed by donations from the “faithful” and the Italian Bishops Conference.

Probably the best-known Catholic charity is Caritas Internationalis, a highly-regarded “confederation of 162 Catholic relief, development and social service organizations working to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed, in over 200 countries and territories.”

Like its US member, Catholic Charities USA, Caritas Internationalis-affilitated agencies are funded by governments,  non-governmental secular organizations  and private foundations, as well as individual donations.

Caritas was a mostly autonomous organization nominally under the authority of COR UNUM but the Vatican is planning to take greater control beginning  with its finance and personnel. In order to further the agency’s now-restated first goal of “promoting the Church’s social teaching” (i.e. abortion, population control, the family and “gender politics”) and secondly “helping those in need,” supervision of the charity is being shifted to the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Although Catholic hierarchs contribute little if any of their own funds, a Vatican official stated, “Local Caritas organizations depend on local dioceses and the true stakeholders of Caritas are the bishops and the pope.”  As I previously wrote, US bishops spending the money donated by American Catholics to help the needy for reconstructing churches and seminaries in Haiti and Cuba  may be what this official has in mind. 
I guess because it has 162 separate member-agencies, I couldn’t find a total for the combined distribution of the entire Caritas network. The umbrella organization had income of close to 7 million euro in 2009, although in the two prior years the amount was less than 3 million.  CharityNavigator shows Catholic Charities USA income as a little more than $23 million in 2009 (the last year available).  However, Catholic Charities USA is also an umbrella organization for close to 200 local diocesan Catholic Charity agencies.

In the name of the pope, the U.S.-based Papal Foundation “has given close to $70 million in grants for the building of churches, seminaries, schools, hospitals and other projects for the care of the poor around the world.” The Foundation’s website shows that of 65 grants, only 5 were for the “care of the poor.”  On May 5, 2011, Benedict praised members of the Foundation “for your involvement in projects aimed at integral human development, your encouragement of the apostolic activities of dioceses and religious congregations throughout the world, your concern for the education of the Church’s future leaders and your support for the activities of the Holy See.” (emphasis added)

Forbes Magazine – which bills itself as the leading publication for the world’s business leaders – listed Pope Benedict XVI as its fifth most powerful person in the world (ahead of the British and German prime ministers) in 2010.   With all the official relief agencies of his bishops in the worldwide Catholic Church now more firmly under his control, can the pope improve his standing?




03/10/2013 11:02am

With that kind of wealth, why are there two hundred and fifty homeless people? Surely he could purchase/build a tower block and using artisans to train the homeless people in practical skills, if they have none, and convert it to housing.

tracy ryder
03/12/2013 9:32am

But they did purchase shares in an apartment block of a gay bathhouse.

Marvelene Barber
03/28/2013 2:55pm

It's called "GREED " !

03/10/2013 2:01pm

Where did you get this information? It's astounding.

03/10/2013 2:23pm

It's a load of crap

03/10/2013 3:06pm

How do you know it's crap? What is your source? The dude is completely surrounded by gold in just about every picture I see of him so I'd be inclined to believe it's true. I just want to know the source.

03/10/2013 5:21pm

You must be catholic..lmao!!!

sharon green
03/10/2013 4:00pm

It was in the Arkansas Gazette that the coach of the Razorback football team gets it was either one or two million...for teaching a bunch of overgrown boys how to throw a football!!!

03/14/2013 10:43am

Yeah, and that's ridiculous too, but at least he does something.

03/10/2013 3:14pm

This is from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. It seems to substantiate the purpose and total fundraising of Peter's Pence as reported in this article. http://www.usccb.org/catholic-giving/opportunities-for-giving/peters-pence/

03/10/2013 4:21pm

Hopefully that huge amount of money will be used to compensate all those abused by the clergy, all those children who's lives have been ruined.

Eric John Large
03/10/2013 4:24pm

Fantastic wealth, materialism is evident in the Vatican. There is no accountability or transparency in the TOTAL wealth, the income, and the value of the material assets of the Vatican, the Catholic Church. What are the sources of the gold and precious stones (minerals)? the Americas, or other continents?

Karen Shaw
03/10/2013 8:09pm

If you want some more interesting information about the Catholic Church, research www.kevinannett.com

03/10/2013 8:23pm

Jesus preached $$$$$$$$$ , get as much of it as you can ... Come on people " GOD needs money to survive " !

What are you people stupid ???!!!

( Got'a love Sarcasm ).

03/10/2013 8:29pm

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. who was it who said that again?

03/14/2013 11:11am

I believe that was the wise and vitreous words of the man known as Immortal Technique.

John McGrath
03/10/2013 10:02pm

H! A piker compared to the queen of England, hed of the Church of England.

03/11/2013 12:14am

And he is missing his boyfriend oh wait he took him to his new villa somewhere in italy...

John McGrath
03/11/2013 2:58am

Royalty are an expensive lot, and the Pope is a king. Also, look upon religion as a branch of the entertainment industry and you will see that his income is in line with top stars, Celebrity brings big bucks.

03/12/2013 4:49am

How sick is this WTF . Look at the homeless and starvation around the world and this is so fucking sick bastards .

03/12/2013 9:22am


william te
03/12/2013 9:01pm

...u can't serve two masters at the same time. which master the catholic church is serving? oh my golly wow !!!

Harold T
03/26/2013 7:01am

The Catholic clergy from top to bottom are no different than the Pharisees in JC's day.

D money
03/14/2013 8:26am

It's on the internet so it must be true.

03/14/2013 11:35am

Just quoting from a channeled msg on Mathews messages (discern for yourself of course)

"The Vatican, which has been a major world player under the Illuminati umbrella, is the international headquarters of Satanism, and its untold wealth includes stolen art treasures acquired in collaboration with Nazis during World War II. Any pope who raised an objection to the mammoth deceit, unconscionable behavior and amassing of fortunes was short-lived.

Yet, possibly the most shocking revelation will be the disclosure of ancient records that will show how the Bible long ago was strategically altered—most notably the fabricated story about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection—to give the church control over the Catholic populace.

When all of that becomes public knowledge, the Vatican’s long reign will be over. The crumbling will be extremely sad and difficult for Catholics, but all devout Christians will be profoundly affected by learning that the foundation of their lives was built on lies.

03/16/2013 9:09pm

As much as I think this "illuminati" business is silly nonsense, I don't disagree with the comments leveled against the pope. There wasn't even a "new testament" before the Roman emperor Constantine had the council of Trent put it together, excluding whichever gospels they thought to be "heretical"(and there are many). By what authority did they claim this right? Why the authority of the Roman emperor of course, the most powerful man on earth. How else could they claim that the gospels were the story of Jesus, which grants them the pretext for their power, and yet gospels such as Judas, Mary, Thomas, and the Apocryphal texts are no good? I'm sorry, but doesn't this undermine the credibility of the whole document known as "the new testament?"

carlos António de Carvalho Machado Acabado
03/14/2013 1:01pm

Pope? NOPE!!!

03/14/2013 2:42pm

Nothing close to 200 million listed in aid for poor/homeless/disaster aid but the Pope gets 200 million $$$$$ to put in his piggy bank every year??? No wonder every Pope looks happy as a pig in shit waving to the masses he has drained of all their hard earned cash

03/14/2013 3:10pm

Peter's Pence started a lot earlier than that. The beginnings were in the 9th C King Offa of Mercia sent money 'For the maintenance of lights in Rome"

Joy Wall-Peachey
03/17/2013 11:22pm

Hes just an ordinary man,what you all call the Pope,all the rig-ma-roll just to become a Pope is rediculous,all that pomp and fuss,what a load of crap,NO MAN is higher or more Majestic than OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,the Pope really is A NOBODY,he, the Pope is no HOLIER than a hole in a T-shirt,The Catholic church with all its millions of dollars still make the very dirt poor people buy used candles to light at the alter,how cruel is that,i think the Catholic church need to sort them selves out,HIDING BEHIND THEIR GREAT WALLS,doesnt stop the people finding out theyre really no better of than any body else GET IT RIGHT


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