As holy week starts, The  leader of Manila’s Catholic Church called on the faithful to avoid retaliation “for it will only breed evilness.” Cardinal Tagle said taking revenge becomes a vicious cycle from which nobody can move on and will further cause contempt and resentment. GMA News reports
"You care. You care for the victims… You care also for the child abuser who is definitely lost and you do not want the person to continue being lost… This is a very Asian approach. And it is that approach [that] leads to healing, but healing based on justice, based on truth,” he added.

“I think for us, legal action, exposing persons, both victims and abusers, to the public, either through media or legal action, adds to the pain.”

“How can we defeat it? By being innocent like Jesus… which means that you don’t plan anything that will hurt others,” he said

“Your goodness will defeat evil,” said Tagle. “Let’s journey with Him (Christ) in our everyday life by being innocent, charitable, and doers righteous.”

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Clover Chips
03/24/2013 2:18am

Let's abuse Tagle and the people will not retaliate. Because fuck logic.

03/24/2013 7:21am


03/24/2013 2:55am

Don't stream it then. Don't involve the media as much as possible (even though that couldn't be stopped) But withdrawing legal action is not fair. These priests committed crimes and they should face the consequences for that. Accountability above all.

03/25/2013 5:16pm

i agree with you. what tagle said is fuck logic. we must remember that these priests are criminals with criminal minds. and tagle must also be reminded that the church is not a haven for criminals and criminal coddler like him

04/03/2013 12:34am

priest sperm is the best, look at Maria Clara face and how Rizal describe it.

03/24/2013 3:18am

Expect more kids to be abused by these sickos; this message only emboldens the abuser for pedophilia is as progressive as the interest from a Ponzi scheme.

Mon Yadao
03/24/2013 4:34am

Anung don't retaliate? Martilyuhin sa bayag ang mga manyak na sumasamba sa batong mga pari na yan!

03/24/2013 7:18am


The hell?
03/24/2013 6:35am

Okay, I'm gonna molest all the little kids and I am not going to be arrested because I am mother fucking priest. What flawless logic, it's fuuuull of shit.

God may forgive the bastard but no the law of the Philippines.

03/24/2013 7:18am

what do you do to priest priest just reassign them to another parish...they go on...then transferred again....dont you think priest molesters are more to damn than lay molesters....YOU are all hypocrites!!!...MEN in your habit are more of criminals ...they shouldbe good examples but its the opposite....Ang daming bakla sa kaparian...they are ht emost num,bered pedophiles.....what the heck are you talking about...

03/24/2013 7:23am

you mean the church is teaching its followers hate against gays and lesbians but the priests are exempted? quite confused here lol

03/24/2013 7:31am

seems like damien...christ accepts everybody sinners or not..male or female...gays or lesbians...yang mga kaparian lang hell all of you

03/24/2013 9:48pm

So, wag nalang natin habulin lahat ng mga criminal. Kung pari pala pabayaan natin. E pano na yung mga pinapa human rights nilang mga sundalo? Sila din ba pabayaan na lang natin? Yung mga serial rapist, pabayaan na lang natin? What is the solution?

03/24/2013 7:29am

not to retaliate when priests are involved with the do you expect the parents to numb kasi pari nangrape sa anak na babae o lalaki....WOW! ...such great hypocrisy...yang RH bill...pag dumami ang mga anak kayo bang kaparian magpapakainsa mga bata...magpapaaral sa mga bata...will you be there 24./7 to hear them cry of hunger....habang kayo nakaaircon....may mga cook sa parish house...may mga helps...nakakotse...kakawaykaway sa mga batang give them feeding program ONCE A WEEK swerte na yon BUT USUALLY ITS ONCE AMONTH..tapos sasabihin nyo may feeding program naman kayo....BULLSIHT kayo...kung ayaw nyo ng RH bill make a vow na kayo 24/7 ang haharap sa mga batang lalabas sa mga you think you can feed them once a week or once a month...kayo kayo ang gumawa nun...once a week or once a month lang kayo kumain

03/24/2013 7:41am

Nakikiusap kasi na huwag gantihan ang mga molester priests - isa kasi siya doon e.

03/24/2013 8:30am

the reason why they hate the rh bill and contraception is...KUNG WALANG MGA BATANG ISISILANG WALA SILANG MOMOLESTIYAHIN LOL

Abe Tejada
03/24/2013 9:23am

No need to worry when one will abuse and rape Tagle's relative. Because to retaliate is evil according to this cardinal, so rapist and pedophile priests will have a field day onwards.

03/24/2013 11:25am

Whaaat??? Goodness! gracious! great balls of Tagle! ...Perhaps the Holy Spirit did not let him succeed as Pope because of his state of mind that could make the Catholic Church in the state of extinction.

As Macoy once said; I am very, very disappointed! --dinggol.d~~~

03/24/2013 2:13pm

Utot mo.

Clover Chips
03/24/2013 4:46pm

Come on every one, lets all sing the Paedophilia Jingle!

03/24/2013 6:40pm

Wow! Really? Glad he didn't become a Pope.
Or else, he'll be called a moron from the Philippines.

Stephen S.
03/24/2013 7:41pm

Genius! Let's all just allow child molesters to roam the streets freely. LOL, I myself can now sexually abuse the cute kid living in our neighborhood. (cue sarcasm)

Don't you just love Catholicism?

Why? Because f*ck logic, that's why.

*slow clap*

Jim Paredes
03/24/2013 8:02pm

The culture of silence is exactly what perpetrates abuse.Justice.. not 'just tiis' is what is needed to break the bond and heal the shame that binds both perpetrators and victims.

Padre Salvi
03/25/2013 4:19am


03/25/2013 10:24am

I'd like to see what that asshole has to say if someone steals from his church, or speaks ill of the Church in the Phillipines......I'd bet LOTS of money that he wouldn't be so conciliatory.

So, I think the cardinal is inviting the public to come to his house and molest/rape him? WHO'S IN? :)

Pinoy Fulbrighter
03/25/2013 2:39pm

This is a skewed sense of logic. By advocating "avoiding retaliation" against abusers, do you mean to say that molesters should not be prosecuted by the full extent of the law? Then by the same logic, we should just condone ALL(caps intended) abusers whether secular or in the clergy. Even Gandhi's passive resistance places focus on the abuses and acknowledges that it is unjust and immoral. You Cardinal Tagle on the other hand are advocating in essence that these abuses be merely swept under the rug, Indeed very Asian in the most negative way.

Sailor Moon
03/25/2013 5:15pm

Pambihirang tao heto oh!!! If this is the case na "patawarin at pagbigyan ang mga child molesters, then let's just legalize rape!!! Wala naman palang kelangang prosecution para rito e!!!

03/26/2013 3:05pm

Langya, nagbibigay pa ako ng pera noon sa simabahan. Tagal ko na pala nagbabayad para sa child porn!

Ghad De Mitt
04/10/2013 11:05pm

Sa dami ng atraso ng mga hayop na ito, wala ka nang makitang pare na lalakad lakad sa gabi. Pag may natiyempuhan ako kahit matanda na ... bibigyan ko siya ng "lobotomy" para maranasan nila ang mahubaran ng dignidad.


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